22 FREE 3rd Grade Science Fair Projects, Ideas, and Experiments

Elementary Science Fair Project
Comparing the Vitamin C Levels in Various Fruit Juices
solar oven
Pizza Box Solar Oven
Elementary Science Fair Project
How Greasy Are Your Potato Chips?
Elementary Science Fair Project
The Sunscreen SPF Test
3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Science Fair Project
Music To My Heart
Elementary Life Science Science Fair Project
Germs & Us
Elementary Botany Science Fair Project
Multicolored Flowers
Elementary Aerodynamics Science Fair Project
The Aerodynamics of a Car
Elementary and Middle School Memory Science Fair Project
Mnemonics & Memory
Elementary Environmental Science Fair Project
The Effect of Acid Rain on Aquatic Life
white and brown eggs in carton
Inertia of an Egg
popped popcorn in bowl red background
Why Does Popcorn 'Pop'?
clear light bulb yellow background
Connecting Solar Energy & Electronics
green tree plant
Oxygen in Plant Respiration
Measuring & Comparing Salinity in Different Aquatic Environments
Elementary Geology Science Fair Project
Photosynthesis & Light Color

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