69 FREE Music Worksheets, Lesson Plans & Crafts

Letter V Alphabet Coloring Pages
Letter V Alphabet Coloring Pages - 3 FREE Printable Versions!
Paper Plate Pumpkin Shaker Craft!
Preschool Lapbook Idea for Spring
Springtime Lapbook Idea for Preschool
St. Patrick's Day Singing Time Game
Singing Time: Simple St. Patrick's Day Game!
YouTube Video
You Won't Believe the Beautiful Sound That Can Come From A…Carrot?!
Spring and Easter Music Craft for Kids
Easter Shakers & Music Makers!
Middle School Science Fair Project
Does Music Help You Study?
St. Patrick's Day Music Craft for Kids
Rainbow Streamer Maraca Craft for St. Patrick's Day
Dr. Seuss Preschool Lesson Plan
My Many Colored Days
Christmas Music Bulletin Board Idea
The Best Way To Spread Holiday Cheer - Elf Inspired Holiday Bulletin Board
Columbus Day Ship in a Bottle Craft for Kids and Preschool Lesson Plan
Columbus Day - Ship in a Bottle Craftivity
Apple Unit Preschool Printables and Preschool Lesson Plan
Apple Unit from Me & Marie Learning!
Apple Themed Multi-Skill Preschool Printables
Apples Galore - Multi-Skill Apple Themed Worksheets
Patriotic United States Preschool Printables
U is for the United States of America!
Middle School Life Science Science Fair Project
Music & Concentration
Earth Day Preschool Printables
Mini Earth Day Pack from Itsy Bitsy Learners
St. Patrick's Day Craft for Kids
Streamers for St. Patrick's Day!
February Mardi Gras and Carnival Kids Crafts
Mardi Gras Masks & Shakers!
February Mardi Gras and Music Kindergarten Lesson Plan
The Music of Louisiana - A Special Activity for Mardi Gras!
President's Day Music and Literature Preschool Lesson Plan
Songs & Literature for President's Day
Winter and Christmas Music and Pretend Play Preschool Lesson Plan
Christmas Music and Pretend Play
Halloween Ghost Craft for Kids
Paper Plates: A Perfect Halloween Craft Supply!
Social Studies and Geography Preschool Lesson Plan
Social Studies/Sensory Unit: The Sounds & Smells of India
Five Senses Science Preschool Lesson Plan
Science Explorations - The Sense of Touch

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