14 FREE Preschool Subtraction Lesson Plans & Ideas for Teachers

Bubble Wrap Apple Printing Craft for Kids
Bubble Wrap Apple Printing Craft for Kids
Summer Beach Seashell Addition and Subtraction Printables
Seashell Addition & Subtraction Printables
Winter Clothing Math Center Activities
"All Dressed For Winter!" Math Center Activities
Halloween Math Preschool Lesson Plan
Monster Math - Numeral Recognition, Counting & More!
Preschool Math Lesson Plan
Fun with Locks - Math & Fine Motor Activity
Math Preschool Lesson Plan
Spider Math Game
Literacy, Math, and Sensory Preschool Lesson Plan
Styrofoam + Golf Tees = FUN Literacy & Math Review!
Ocean and Beach Themed Math and Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan
Summer Ocean Fun!
Ladybug Math Center Option 1
Ladybug Math Center
Memorial Day Skill Review Preschool Lesson Plan
Quick & Easy Memorial Day Game
LEGO Math Measuring Preschool Lesson Plan
Lots of Colorful LEGO fun!
Pond or Ocean Kids Craft Preschool Lesson
Gone Fishin' - Fishy Activities for Preschool
Summer Math and Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan
Math & Literacy Ice Cream Cones!
spring garden flower color and sorting nature match preschool activity
Learning About Plants in Preschool

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