26 FREE Preschool Making Observations Lesson Plans & Ideas for Teachers

"Are We Really Different?" MLK Day Egg Experiment & Freebie!
President's Day and Money Preschool Lesson Plan
Show Me The Money!
Christmas Science Experiments and Preschool Lesson Plan
Santa Science Lab - 5 Fun Holiday Experiments!
Fall Pumpkin Science Preschool Lesson Plan
Fall Science - Investigating Pumpkins
Columbus Day Reading Preschool Lesson Plan
Columbus Day - Learning About Christopher Columbus
Back To School and All About Me Science Preschool Lesson Plan
"I Am Unique!" Back-To-School Activity
Outdoor Math and Science Preschool Lesson Plan
Outdoor Learning - International MUD Day!
Science Experiment for Kids and Preschool Lesson Plan
Colorful Science - Fireworks in a Jar
Spring and Easter Science Preschool Lesson Plan
Spring Unit - Fun with Birds!
Easter Problem Solving Preschool Lesson Plan
Easter Fun - Guess What's in the Egg!
Winter Animals Science Experiment Preschool Lesson Plan
Blubber Glove - Winter Animals Science Experiment
Five Senses Science Preschool Lesson Plan
Science Explorations - The Sense of Touch
Science Center Preschool Lesson Plan
Essentials for Your Science Center or Shelf
Science Guessing Game Preschool Lesson Plan
DIY - File Folder Guessing Game!
Spring or Summer Flower I-Spy Preschool Lesson
Fantastic - Flower FUN!
Spring Nature Math and Science Preschool Lesson Plan
Spring Tree Study - Math & Science Outdoor Activity!
Preschool Math and Science Painting Craft
Squeeze Paint - Cross-Curricular Crafting!
Spring Easter Gardening Science Preschool Lesson
The Science of Easter!
preschool animal theme patterning exercise and lesson plan
Patterning + Caterpillars = Patternpillars!
paper plate weather chart
Making Weather Charts!
magnetic wands
Valentine's Day Science Activities
West Virginia Gristmill Waterfall Winter Snow
Fun Snow-Themed Activities
Ian the Science Guy
Does It Roll? Does It Slide?
passenger aircraft taking off
Careers: Pilots

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