19 FREE Kindergarten Patriotic Lesson Plans & Ideas for Teachers

2 Writing Activities & Crafts for Presidents' Day (with FREEBIES)!
"Sweet Land of Liberty" Patriotic Lesson with Freebies!
Veterans Day Eagle and Flag Bulletin Board Idea
"Thank You For Answering The Call..." Veterans Day Bulletin Board
Veterans Day Organizer and Simple Sentence Writing Printables
Characteristics of a Soldier/Veteran
Veterans Day Quilt Craft
Veterans Day Quilt Craft
Patriotic Visual Discrimination and Patterning Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Ping Pong Ball Match
Patriotic Science Experiment and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Fireworks in a Jar - Easy & Fun July 4th Activity!
Patriotic Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Learning About Old Glory
Patriotic Craft for Kids
"You're Cent-sational!" Star Necklace Craft
Constitution Day, Government and Civics Socials Studies Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Our Government - Learning About The Three Branches
Constitution Day, Government, and Social Studies Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Constitution Day - Learning About Authority Unit
Patriotic Constitution Day and September 11th Social Studies Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Our Government - Learning About the Constitution
Patriotic Memorial Day Patterning Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Memorial Day Star Patterning Exercise
Memorial Day Book for Kids
Memorial Day - The Wall
Patriotic Memorial Day Eagle Craft for Kids and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Patriotic Eagle Craft

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