32 FREE Kindergarten Letter Recognition Lesson Plans & Ideas for Teachers

Alphabet Game - Crocodile Snap!
Crocodile Snap! Alphabet Game for Kids
Kid's Monster Crafts
"M" is for Monster - Crafts for Preschoolers
Cute Spring Bird Sorting Activity (with FREE Printable)!
FREE 28-Page Printable Christmas PreK Pack!
Apples Galore: 6 Awesome Apple Themed Activities!
Letter A Activities for Literacy Center Practice
Literacy Center Activities - FREE Letter Packs! (Aa, Bb, Cc)
7 Awesome Spring Literacy Center Ideas!
ABC Order Activity for St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day ABC Order Activity FREEbie
Peppermint Shaving Cream Christmas Sensory Play Activity
Peppermint Shaving Cream Sensory Play Activity
Alphabet Sequencing Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Alphabet Sequencing Activity (with Variations)
Sight Word Kindergarten Lesson Plans
Simple Sight Word Centers - The Power of Craft Sticks...
Spring Literacy Center and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Spring Literacy Center - Growing a Carrot Garden
Dr Seuss Literacy Game and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Horton Hears a Who
Ghost Themed Halloween Literacy Centers and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Ghost Literacy Center Ideas
Alphabet, Writing, and Collaborative Learning Back To School Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Back-To-School - Publishing Class Books
Alphabet Kindergarten Lesson Plan and Kindergarten Printable
Magazine Alphabet Review
Math Sorting Preschool Lesson Plan
Simply Sorting - Upcycled Milk Cap Games
Literacy Game and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Slap Words Literacy Game
Literacy and Reading Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Bubble Wrap Sight Words
Sight Word Game Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Literacy Center Activity - Sight Word Parking Lot
St. Patrick's Day Literacy and Reading Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Fun with Leprechaun Messages
Fall Literacy and Fine Motor Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Fall Vocabulary Word Clips
Candy Corn Alphabet Letter Matching Activity
Candy Corn Alphabet Letter Matching Game
Back To School Phonics Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Silly "Wheels On The Bus" Song & Activity

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