5 FREE St. Patrick's Day Do-A-Dot Printables!

These five free St. Patrick's Day Do-A-Dot printables are great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners alike. Each dot coloring page not only helps little ones become familiar with images from this fun holiday, but they also provide fine motor skill practice too. If you don't have Do-A-Dot markers, you can always use crayons, markers, paint, etc. to color these St. Patrick's Day coloring pages. Images included in this dot painting activity are: a shamrock, horseshoe, pot of gold, harp, and a leprechaun.

Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Do-A-Dot Coloring Pages

Shamrock Do-A-Dot Printable

Free Printable Shamrock Do-A-Dot Coloring Page

Pot of Gold Do-A-Dot Printable

Free Printable Pot of Gold Do-A-Dot Coloring Page

Horseshoe Do-A-Dot Printable

Free Printable Horseshoe Do-A-Dot Coloring Page

Harp Do-A-Dot Printable

Free Printable Harp Do-A-Dot Coloring Page

Leprechaun Do-A-Dot Printable

Free Printable Leprechaun Do-A-Dot Coloring Page

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