Halloween Alphabet Puzzles! (2 FREE Printable Versions)

free printable halloween alphabet puzzle worksheet

Click Here to Print the Halloween Alphabet Puzzle!

This fun Halloween puzzle is great for helping your children learn the alphabet while putting together a festive Halloween puzzle. We've created this puzzle in both color and black and white versions. Both are great for practicing fine motor and scissor skills, and the black and white version adds in some fun coloring practice too!

  1. Print out a copy of the puzzle page and the assembly page for each student.
  2. Halloween Alphabet Puzzle

    Halloween Alphabet Puzzle Blank Assembly Page

  3. Have your children cut out all the puzzle pieces along the dotted lines. They will have 26 puzzle pieces when they are done cutting.
  4. Halloween Puzzle Pieces

  5. Using the assembly page printout (second page) have your students glue down the puzzle pieces in order of the alphabet.
  6. Halloween Alphabet Puzzle Example

Click Here to Print the Halloween Alphabet Puzzle!

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