Easy Spring Kite Craft!

Kids Craft - Easy Spring Kite
Photo Source: Little Family Fun

What better way to celebrate Spring than with a super cute kite craft! And perhaps afterwards a trip outside to actually fly a kite. :-) Linda over at Little Family Fun featured this watercolor kite craft that is sure to be a hit with your preschoolers!

Supplies Needed:

White construction paper


Paint brush


Hole punch


Begin by cutting a kite shape from white construction paper. Have your kiddos use watercolors to paint it however they choose. At the same time have them use watercolors to paint a second piece of white construction paper (this paper will be used for the bows a little later).

Step 1 - Easy Spring Kite Craft
Photo Source: Little Family Fun

After the paint has had a chance to dry, use a hole punch to create a hole at the bottom of the kite shape and thread (and tie) a long piece of yarn through it.

Step 2 - Easy Spring Kite Craft
Photo Source: Little Family Fun

From the second piece of paper cut out three bow shapes (for younger children have a bow shape available for them to trace for this part). Start at the top of the yarn and work your way down, attaching the bows as you go. Try your best to space them out somewhat evenly. You can even do a few extra bows if three doesn't seem like enough!

Step 3 - Easy Spring Kite Craft
Photo Source: Little Family Fun

With that your Spring kite craft is finished. Cute and simple!

For additional early childhood ideas, head over to Little Family Fun!

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