"Do You Like Snow?" Opinion Writing FREEbie!

Photo Source: Little Minds at Work

Here's a simple winter writing freebie created by Tara over at Little Minds at Work that would make a great addition to your winter writing center or lesson plans!

Using the cute (and FREE!) writing paper, students complete and illustrate the following prompt;

"I like/do not like snow because..."

If you wish, you can use this simple opinion writing activity as a jumping off point for a math lesson. Make a simple chart and invite students to cast their vote (e.g. "I like snow" vs. "I do not like snow") and then;

  • Graph the data
  • Analyze the data - i.e. _____ classmates like the snow, _____ classmates do not like the snow, more classmates like/dislike the snow, etc.

Be sure to head over to Little Minds at Work to grab the FREE writing paper!

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