Mixed Media Trophy Craft for Father's Day!

Photo Source: smART Class

We just love these mixed media trophies from Natalie over at smART Class! Aren't they beautiful!? Seriously, what father wouldn't want one of these awesome keepsakes to display?


recycled cardboard

large poster board trophy template

xacto knife

craft glue

kids paint brush

dried pasta

metallic gold spray paint

buttons, beads, gems, and other embellishments


First Crafting Session

Photo Source: smART Class
Photo Source: smART Class
Photo Source: smART Class
Photo Source: smART Class

Provide your kiddos with large cardboard trophy cutouts, craft glue, paint brushes, and dried pasta. Invite them to first cover the cutout with glue (i.e. squirt the glue on and spread it with the paint brush), then create a design on the cutout using the dried pasta. To keep things interesting you'll want to use several different kinds of pasta noodles!

Photo Source: smART Class
Photo Source: smART Class

After the glue has dried, spray paint the trophies with metallic gold spray paint! This step should, of course, be done by an adult.

Second Crafting Session

Next step is to decorate the dried trophies using photos, gems, old jewelry, buttons, beads, and other embellishments as desired! In anticipation of this step, you might consider cutting various plaque shapes from cardboard and painting them with the metallic gold spray paint. Students can then use paint markers to write award messages on the plaques - i.e. "#1 Dad!", "World's Best Dad", "I Love You, Dad!", etc. Make sure to have your students include a picture of two and the trophy turns into an instant keepsake!

Here are some close-ups of the finished products!

Photo Source: smART Class
Photo Source: smART Class

We're always finding great project ideas over at smART Class! For this project and lots of other great activities, be sure to head on over there!

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