Word Wall, Literacy Center and Science Experiment FREEbies - All About Weather!

Language Arts Word Wall About Weather
Photo Source: Really Roper

If your class is quickly approaching a unit on weather, check out these cute FREEbies provided by Barbie over at Really Roper. She provides the word wall shown above, which you could use as she did for a theme wall. Or, you could print it out and use as a matching game. Rain and clouds - perfect for a weather unit in Springtime!

Also provided is a FREEbie that would be perfect for a literacy center. The word 'weather' is written down the page with a space for each child to write any word they choose that begins with the given letter. Example: W could be windy. There are also three blank spots you could use to have your kiddos write three weather-related words of their choosing.

Weather FREEbie for a Literacy Center
Photo Source: Really Roper

Finally, to complete your unit on weather, have your kiddos complete a "sink or float" experiment. The worksheet needed to record the findings is provided. All you have to gather is a few objects your students can use for testing, along with cups of water. If you're planning on do this as a center experiment, you'll want smaller objects that will fit into a cup. If you're planning on doing the experiment as a class, try larger items in a clear plastic tub of water. Make sure the items vary: penny, sponge, bottle cap, Unifix cube - be creative!

Recording Sheet for Sink or Float Experiment
Photo Source: Really Roper

Be sure to stop by Really Roper to grab your free worksheets for completing these ideas!

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