Poetry Unit Plus FREEBIE!

Elementary Poetry Unit

Poetry is important because it promotes literacy, builds community, and fosters social/emotional learning. If you're not quite satisfied with your current poetry teaching tools, check out this awesome 23-page packet that provides a fun and memorable way for you and your students to learn about various types of poetry, important poetry terms, and, of course, practice writing poetry!

What's in the packet?

The packet includes everything your students will need to create a poetry anthology that features all of their poems written throughout the unit!

  • Title Page for Kids
  • Table of Contents
  • Types of Poetry Definitions
  • Poetry Terms
  • Dedication Page
  • Simile Self-Portrait
  • Haiku Poem
  • My Favorite Poem
  • Couplet Poem
  • I Am Poem
  • Feeling A Poem
  • Diamante Poem
  • Alliteration Poem
  • Five Senses Poem
  • Opposite Poem
  • Acrostic Poem
  • Bio Poem
  • Personification Poem

A Fun Freebie!

Invite your kiddos to discover similes with this super fun 'Simile Self-Portrait'! They're sure to have a blast as they come up with comparisons for their eyes, ears, etc!

Free Poetry Unit Printable Download this resource

If you enjoyed this freebie, be sure to check out the entire poetry unit! You can find it at my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking here. It's a best seller for a reason!

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