Winter Mitten Symmetry Craft

Preschool and Kindergarten Winter Mitten Symmetry Craft

Mix a bit of math and crafting with this fun mitten symmetry craft! While the project is simple, it offers a great opportunity for your students to create some colorful decorations for the classroom as well as build foundational math skills.

Supply List for Winter Mitten Symmetry Craft

To complete the craft...

    Winter Mitten Symmetry Craft Step 1
  1. Start with a folded piece of construction paper, drawing or tracing a mitten shape along the creased edge. Cut out the mitten, being sure to leave the folded edge intact.
  2. Winter Mitten Symmetry Craft Step 2

  3. Invite students to open the cutout and use squeeze bottles of puffy paint to decorate on one side of the fold.
  4. Winter Mitten Symmetry Craft Step 3

  5. When satisfied with decorating, have students carefully refold the shape and press lightly.
  6. Winter Mitten Symmetry Craft Step 4

  7. Upon reopening the mitten, your kiddos will be thrilled to see that their design has been transferred across the fold - a perfect mirror image.
  8. Let the mittens dry completely, the cut along the fold and connect the separated mitten shapes with a piece of yarn. {Optional}

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