"All Dressed For Winter!" Math Center Activities

Winter Clothing Math Center Activities

Themed for winter, these fun math center activities will have your kiddos building counting, graphing, addition and subtraction skills as well as working with tally marks!

Winter Clothing Math Center Activity Printable Download this resource

Activity Preparation...

  • Download the free math center worksheets.
  • Print several copies of the "Winter Clothing Activity Sheet" (shown above), placing them into plastic sheet protectors and setting them out with dry erase markers. [Students can then mark over the pictures as they count each set of clothing items.]
  • Make copies of the activity worksheets, one for each student, and set them out with pencils and crayons or markers.

To complete the activity...

The math center activities themselves are pretty straightforward. Have students use the "Winter Clothing Activity Sheet" to complete the find & tally activity as well as the find & graph exercise. Then, once they've compiled the data, they can use their tally sheets and graphs to help them complete the addition and subtraction practice sheets.

Here's a closer look at the activities;

Winter Clothing Find and Tally Math Center Worksheet Download this resource

Winter Clothing Find and Graph Printable Activity Download this resource

Winter Clothing Addition Practice Worksheet Download this resource

Winter Clothing Subtraction Practice Worksheet Download this resource

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