Photo Album Practice Pages - Days of the Week

Dry Erase Skill Practice Preschool Printables

To go along with the months of the year printables, we also created a set of printables for practice with the days of the week. Again, the worksheet concept is simple - each page provides a brush up on proper letter formation, offers two places to trace the day of the week, then invites students to try writing the word on their own. Additionally, there is a bonus ordering activity that lists the days of the week out of order and invites students to write them in the correct sequence. Here's a preview of the printables...

Days of the Week Preschool Printable

As with the other photo album pages, these printables were formatted to print directly onto blank 4" x 6" index cards and designed for use with an inexpensive photo album and dry erase markers. {Of course, you can use the printables however it works for you!}

{FREE Download}: Photo Album Practice - Days of the Week

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