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living and nonliving science preschool printable
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As spring bursts on the scene with an abundance of colorful blossoms and new life, March and the coming months can be a great time to broach the subject of living and nonliving things with your preschoolers. April Larremore, kindergarten teacher and creator of the site, Chalk Talk, provides a fantastic set of sorting cards to supplement your lesson. The card images are diverse and dynamic, making this a great resource to have in the classroom!

Here are a few ways to utilize these fantastic cards in your classroom:

baby block 1 In the science activity center, set out the cards and two sheets of laminated construction paper - one labeled "Living" and the other labeled "Nonliving". Invite students to sort the cards, placing them on the proper sheet of paper.
baby block 2 Cut out and laminate the cards, attaching a strip magnet to the back of each. Use word processing software to create labels - "Living" and "Nonliving" - laminating them and using magnets to attach them to a white board or chalkboard. Invite your students to sort the cards, placing them under the correct heading.
baby block 3 Use the printable to create an interactive emergent reader. Taking from the images, design a page for each card {i.e. "A kiwi is ____________", etc.}. Invite students to glue the appropriate card to the page and pen the correct category/word - "living" or "nonliving".

Be sure to visit April's blog for the download!

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