Science Experiment - Eggy Investigations

Egg Science Experiments and Kindergarten Lesson Plans
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We've been stumbling across more hands-on activities lately {which we think is fabulous!} and loved this post full of interesting 'eggs-periments' from Emma and Kerry over at Science Sparks! These eggy investigations are perfect summer fun with curious little minds...

  • Amaze your kinders by making an egg shell disappear...without touching it!
  • Show your little ones the power of osmosis by making an egg shrink and expand!
  • Help your kiddos explore the strength of an egg shell using their favorite story books!
  • Getting an egg inside a jar seems your kinders how it's possible with science!
  • Show your kiddos how the stringy, slimy egg white turns into a fluffy, foamy consistency when whisked!

Complete with directions and discussion guide, these experiments are sure to be a hit with your kinders! Be sure to visit Science Sparks for more information!

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