More Turkey Please! 5 Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts!

Thanksgiving just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without turkey! If you've run out of ideas or are looking for something a bit more unique than the traditional turkey craft, check out these awesome project ideas we found floating around the blogosphere...

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids
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Lindsey of Filth Wizardry deems this project 'easy peasy lemon squeezy', making it a great option for little crafters this holiday season! A brown paper lunch bag, some recycled newspaper, a paper plate, turkey template, scissors and crayons are all you need to bring this project to life. And, while the supply list may seem a bit long, we're sure your kiddos will have a blast {and easily be able to follow the instructions}!

Thanksgiving Turkey Alphabet Craft for Kids
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Stacey over at Glued to my Crafts adapted her little one's Thanksgiving crafting into a fun learning activity - T is for Turkey! A great way to promote phonemic awareness, review the alphabet, and create something special for the holiday!

Thanksgiving Turkey Kids Craft
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We found this traditional Thanksgiving turkey craft over at Happy Home Fairy. Don't you just love the vibrant colors?! Julie put it together for her son and we think it would be a simple and fun project for your little crafters this holiday season! Extension: It seems a shame to miss out on all those beautiful colors! You might consider turning this craft into a suncatcher! Lay a sheet of clear contact paper, sticky side up, on your workstation and have your little one collage the pieces of art tissue paper onto the sticky surface. When finished, cover the tissue collage with another piece of clear contact paper {sticky side down}. Cut a half moon shape from the tissue paper collage and use in place of the paper plate! As a completed project, you can hang the turkey on your window and enjoy the colors!

Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids
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Crystal over at A Pumpkin and a Princess decided to add a natural element to her turkey crafts, inviting her littles to use a pinecone as the turkey's body. We love that this craft offers a chance for your little ones to get outside and explore, and we love the sensory component using the fluffy craft feathers adds to the project!

Fine Motor and Sensory Thanksgiving Turkey Craft for Kids
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Jenae of I Can Teach My Child added both sensory and fine motor components to her kiddos' Thanksgiving turkey craft! Molding turkey bodies from homemade modeling clay and arranging dyed golf tees in the clay as feathers we can't think of any reason why your little crafters wouldn't have a blast with this project!

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