3 Unique Takes on the Fall Tree Craft!

We've been frequenting one of our favorite inspiration site {Pinterest, of course!} for fun fall craft ideas and stumbled upon these three unique fall tree crafts. Fingerprint fall trees can be super cute, but if you're looking for something a little different this year, check these out!

Autumn and Fall Kids Craft
Photo Source: messypreschoolers.blogspot.com

Collage/Mosaic Trees

With simple paper scraps, your students can create some dynamic autumn trees like these at Toddler Approved {we found via Messy Kids}! We think this is a great activity for toddler/preschool age children - as they tear and/or cut the paper, they'll develop much needed fine motor skills, and they'll strengthen visual discrimination and problem solving skills as they arrange the scraps into a discernible shape.

Pumpkin Seed Fall Tree Kids Craft
Photo Source: naturenest.wordpress.com

Pumpkin Seed Trees

Our Little Nature Nest invites you to use dyed pumpkin seeds to create a fabulous fall tree! This is a great way to include natural elements in your artwork and it just fits!

Noodle Autumn Tree Craft for Kids
Photo Source: www.notimeforflashcards.com

Noodle Tree

Kim, contributing writer to No Time For Flash Cards, suggests adding some food and gross motor skill building to the project - using crushed dry pasta {either dyed with fall colors or purchasing pre-colored 'veggie' pasta} to create your fall foliage! What a fun alternative!

These are just the tip of the iceberg {so to speak}. You can find all sorts of creative takes on this traditional project around the web! Be sure to check these out and shake up your fall art plan!

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