Music Teacher Supplies and Classroom Materials– Kid’s Instruments, Music CDs, &’ More!

Since music is primarily a hands-on subject, a large selection of musical instruments and music teacher supplies are essential for creating a strong music program. Needless to say, most children love to make noise, so percussion instruments like tambourines, shakers, drums and even stomping feet are perfect instruments for conveying basic musical concepts like beat and rhythm.

Songbooks comprised of simple beats teach students about timing, as well as training young ears to hear patterns within a beat. Because most children also like to sing, the addition of catchy, rhyming words to a rhythmic beat makes it easier for them to learn the rhythm of the song and commit it to memory.

For the work of learning musical scales and notes, worksheets are a good choice. Like learning a foreign language, the language of music requires a grasp of musical symbols and what they mean. Worksheets provide a repetitive method for learning, not only to draw notes, but also to place them in their proper places on a musical scale. This also allows the visual learner to “see” the notes they are singing or playing. With MPM School Supplies great variety of music classroom resources and activities, you’ll be sure to find worksheets and exercises to meet the skill level of your students.

In addition, music is a special subject because it is fundamental to human culture and tradition. Music curriculum is an opportunity to teach diversity through differing styles of music. Music traditions from around the world can be easily incorporated into a music curriculum, building not only an interest in other countries and cultures, but promoting the sensitivity required for true music appreciation.

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