Christian School Supplies

Christian School Supplies for Sunday Schools, VBS, Private Christian Schools, & Churches

Christian school supplies help create learning environments for religious based childhood education. In a Christian classroom, core values are often taught through Bible stories and inspiring visual imagery. Christian rugs and carpets, as well as other Christian décor and art, provide a meaningful environment for the religious classroom.

Inspirational games, activities and crafts introduce children to the abstract concept of spirituality and teach important lessons at the child‘s level. Inspirational supplies for religious holidays help children learn to identify with the symbols and meanings behind the holidays they celebrate.

Christian decoratives surround children with the spiritual beliefs of Christianity, inspiring them to serve others and carry the light of Jesus’ teachings into the world while they learn. By participating in the creation of inspirational classroom decorations, children demonstrate their understanding of Christian teachings, as well as feel a sense of pride about how their classroom looks.

At MPM School Supplies, we offer a wide selection of Christian school supplies to suit the needs to any Sunday school teacher, vacation bible school committee, church, or private Christian school.