Math Teacher Supplies & Resources for K-12

Mathematics is a central tool for many disciplines, such as science, engineering, computer science and medicine, as well as for the responsibilities of daily adult life. Providing the tools that promote a solid math foundation is essential in childhood education.

A wide selection of curricula and tools simplifies the task of successfully teaching mathematics, especially when you tailor the lessons to different learning styles. A well-rounded mathematics curriculum will include a combination of games, worksheets, and interactive projects that teach the basic mathematical concepts like counting, measuring, addition and subtraction.

Hands-on projects help students to visualize three-dimensional shapes and learn important concepts like area and volume. Math centers with different types of manipulatives not only offer students a choice about how they learn mathematics, but also provide them with a variety of hands-on experiences for understanding the underlying mathematical concepts.

Seeing, counting and measuring actual physical objects, in addition to repetition and worksheets, helps kinetic learners to more fully grasp the meanings behind all those numbers and symbols. Concepts are not only solidified by a combination approach, but it makes learning about math fun!

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