Window Clings

Window Clings Bring Windows to Life

Looking out the windows of a classroom and seeing the sun, clouds and playground is great, but the view is so much better when the windows are brought to life using window clings. There are so many things you can do with window clings. They’re versatile and they can be reused over and over.

MPM School Supplies has whatever you’re looking for when it comes to window clings. A longtime favorite is the colorful butterflies. They just fly in the sky when they adorn classroom windows. Another favorite is the hot air balloons which makes a child dream about floating in air in a beautiful balloon. There are many fall displays like leaves, pumpkins and Thanksgiving animals. Bring in the winter season with snowflake clings. These are also ideal when creating a winter scene on any window. As you can bring a smile to every child’s face using the smile faces cling.

If school is just back in session, there are window clings to welcome the children back to school. Similar types of clings can be used from back to school like the pictures of school supplies. Use the weather window clings to discuss the different types of weather with your students or discuss zoo animals using Suzy’s Zoo School window cling.

Decorate your classroom windows today with MPM School Supplies array of window clings. Your classroom will look great and your students will be encouraged by the array of colors and different scenes.