Craft Kits

Diversify and Simplify With Craft Kits

One of the many time functions for teachers is planning activities for students. It can be a daunting task to create varied activities day after day. So ease your burden by periodically using our many craft kits. These kits will not only reduce the time it takes to plan activities but they will also diversify activities for your students.

We offer a variety craft kits that include art projects, science, learning games, scene creation, masks and others that will occupy and entertain children for hours. The acrylic stones kit can be used to design colorful scenes using construction paper and glue. Children will learn and have fun at the same time using the Easy Games Learning Activities Kit and they can learn about their brothers and sisters over seas using the International Craft & Games Kit. The Magnetic Mosaics Kids Kit and Mosaic Kit are ideal for teaching children how to be creative and inventive as they rearrange the tiles to create an endless number of scenes. And learning how to draw is a snap with the See & Draw Kit.

So relax, your next student activity is just a kit away. Don’t skimp on your time savings. Purchase several kits to really ease your planning burden and provide your students with hours and hours of repeated learning and fun.