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A variety of high quality arts and crafts supplies are a must in the classroom. Young children are oriented towards hands-on learning, and keeping the hands busy helps them absorb information more efficiently. In addition, many subjects are better taught with craft supplies than worksheets.

Staple classroom craft supplies include quantities of construction paper, glue sticks and liquid glue, colored pencils, crayons, markers, and painting supplies. Construction paper can be used in a variety of different ways, which is why it is important to get quality construction paper that will hold up during any project.

Glue sticks and liquid glue are popular adhesive choices for the classroom because they seem to work better than tape or staples in holding projects together, and they provide a clean, finished look.

Colored pencils, crayons and markers provide a selection of colorful art media for children to experiment with while completing lessons and projects. And, while they’re busy drawing with all those bright colors, they’re also developing hand strength and refining gross motor skills.

Washable paint allows students to experiment using a paintbrush and making large art without the concern over staining clothing and furniture. Painting can also help to integrate a child’s right and left-brain activity, aiding in the child’s overall brain development.

Drawing, painting and sculpting all foster the understanding of abstract concepts through hands-on projects. Classroom craft supplies provide a fun and colorful way to further develop motor skills while absorbing important information.  With the right arts and crafts supplies and a little help from students any classroom can be transformed from plain and boring to a fun and exciting.