Awards & Incentives

Encourage With Awards & Incentives

Children need encouragement to build their self-esteem. Rewarding achievement, accomplishments and the good things they do is a great way to encourage them to strive to excel. Remember your youth when you proudly displayed the ribbons and trophies you received to recognize your achievements. Children’s bedrooms are decorated with these awards. It’s a great way to constantly remind them and reinforce positive behavior.

Awards can be as simple as acknowledging each student’s birthday, or they can be given to recognize achievements in spelling, memorizing multiplication tables or keeping their individual work area clean and tidy. There are many, many achievements that your students can be recognized for to encourage them.

MPM School Supplies offers many different types of awards and incentives you can give to your students. There are stickers, cards, ribbons and punch cards in a variety of styles and colors. All of these awards and incentives are inexpensive, but they will be cherished by your students. Take some time to determine what you can reward your students for and stock up now. Encouragement leads to greater effort and future achievements, so start rewarding your students today.