Social Studies

Social Studies Resources, Classroom Materials, & Teacher Supplies

Social studies is a broad subject covering everything from government and our founding fathers to geography and current events. The purpose of a social studies curriculum is to connect students to their local community, teach them about the history of our great country, and to educate them about diversity and the different cultures around the world.

Mixed media such as documentary, education-based videos are valuable for bringing peoples of the world, as well as global geography, into the classroom. Encourage discussion both before and after showing videos, as well as written assignments where students can highlight aspects of each lesson that specifically appeal to them.

Learning about world cultures is often made more fun by experimenting with the arts and special aspects that define different parts of the world. This provides students with hands-on opportunities for creating art or sharing a special talent with the classroom. Social studies education can also be combined with music education to foster broader understanding and appreciation of different world cultures.

Taking field trips is also a great way to teach students about a variety of topics including the environment and the history of their city, town or neighborhood. In addition, these field trips can provide avenues for community service, where students assist with programs that serve impoverished or underserved minorities within their local communities.

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