Pretend Play Toys for Kids

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The value of dramatic play can hardly be overestimated. Dramatic play encourages a great variety of positive learning experiences. Children who are allowed to lose themselves in dramatic play and pretend play are really practicing social and emotional skills, as well as building physical and cognitive skills. In short, they are learning and developing without even realizing it!

Pretend play may involve the mimicking of real-life activities like playing house, preparing meals with pretend food, and parenting with play dolls. Playing house encourages cooperation between the students to keep a household running smoothly. Caring for a play doll helps to awaken feelings of compassion and nurturing in a young child. Pretend play also provides an outlet for children to be their own boss, at least for a while.

Dramatic play is enhanced through telling stories and the use of characters, such as finger puppets and puppet theaters. Role-playing through dramatic play allows children to experiment with personalities, ways of talking, walking and laughing that they might not normally employ. It is a great way for students to use their creativity and learn about themselves in the process.

Every early childhood classroom should include a good selection of supplies that encourage pretend play and dramatic play. These kinds of play are important for stimulating the imagination and helping children develop valuable life skills.