Teacher Stamps & Stamp Pads

Rubber Stamps for Teachers - Teacher Stamp Set

If you still grade papers with a simple red pen then it may be time to consider spicing up the way you grade papers by using some fun teacher stamps! Choosing whether you want to use stamps at all and what kind of stamps you would like to use really depends on the age of the children you are teaching. High school students probably won't find it amusing to get a paper back with a big smiley face stamped on the front of it! However, if you teacher younger children they will probably really enjoy getting something like a colorful stamp or sticker on their paper rather than just pen marks.

We offer a variety of unique rubber stamps for teachers to meet all of your needs. We have some that are simple smiley faces, others that are animals, and some that are motivational phrases. Take a look at our great selection of stamps and choose the ones you think your students will enjoy the most!