Language Arts

Language Arts Supplies – Materials, Resources, & Supplies for the English Classroom

Language arts comprises the broad educational subjects of reading literacy, literature, writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation and composition. A good way to interest young children in language arts is by reading to them, as well as providing them with simple stories they can read themselves. Reading to your students not only increases their ability to concentrate, but promotes listening comprehension.

If your students are already reading independently, then providing them with books appropriate for their reading level increases word recognition, expands vocabulary, and can also challenge students to take their reading skills to the next level.

Instructional worksheets help to teach alphabetization, spelling, punctuation and the writing of simple words and sentences. Since children grasp concepts in a variety of different ways, using a combination of repetition, visualization and hands-on activities provides a solid foundation of basic language arts concepts upon which you can continuously build.

Games and activities make learning language skills fun for children, engaging different parts of the brain than worksheets. These interactive exercises also create opportunities for cooperative learning in the classroom as well. For writing composition in particular, students can benefit from interactive game-based lessons that strengthen basic sentence structure, proper punctuation and how to use capital letters. In addition, for writing exercises, allowing students to choose their own essay topics stimulates interest and a desire to do a great job telling their story.

MPM School Supplies carries a wide variety of language arts supplies that will help you as you plan lessons, gather needed teaching materials, and inspire your students to learn!