Pastel Sets

Affordable Pastels for Your Classroom

Your art cabinet can never have too many graphic art tools! Pastels are great because they provide the same vibrant color you get from paint, but offer more portability, less set-up, and less maintenance. For smaller children, these tools can help them master color recognition, refine fine motor skills, and expose them to new art mediums as they create. For older children, pastels allow them to practice more advanced art techniques like shading, blending, and more!

At MPM School Supplies we proudly feature Crayola® and Prang® pastel sets. To inspire student creativity, choose from several color palettes including classic, fluorescent, and metallic hues in a variety of styles such as pastel crayons, classic round, and square sets. We also carry several types of pastels to fit your art needs including oil-based, chalk pastels, and charcoals. With each you will get a slightly different color and texture offering a great exercise for comparing mediums and exploring new techniques.

For your convenience, pastels can be purchased in sets of twelve to forty-eight crayons or sticks, or “classpacks” featuring 236 pastels to meet the needs of your home, classroom, church, learning center, or school. At MPM School Supplies we offer quality products at affordable prices, making it possible to expand your art horizons beyond basic crayons, colored pencils, and markers!