School Glue & Adhesives

School Glue - Washable Glue, Glue Sticks, Elmer's®, & More!

School glue is an important craft supply to keep on hand because chances are, if you’re completing an interactive worksheet or any art project, it’s going to call for glue or an adhesive. While we do offer traditional white school glue in both individual bottles and gallon containers, there are some great new products that you might wish to check out.

It’s true that glue sticks have been around for some time now, but as with many other products, manufacturers continue to improve functionality and usability. If you’re worried about the spread of germs through classroom art supplies, new antimicrobial glue sticks contain a compound called Agion™ which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus making them great for all age groups. For younger students who may have trouble seeing what they’ve glued, many glue sticks are purposefully designed to leave a colored streak behind when applied, then dry clear for a clean finish. Additionally, Crayola® has recreated the shape of the glue stick, adding a wider base for stability when placed on a flat surface.

Other no-mess adhesive solutions include roll-on and dab glues. Similar in design, these products make use of sponge and foam applicators, offering better control over glue application. Children won’t be able to accidentally create “puddles” of glue. With roll-on and dab glues, the adhesive can be applied consistently in a thin layer. We even offer a versatile twist-tip adhesive that is great for precision gluing. The cap allows you to control the flow of glue to fit your needs, enabling you to create small dots, narrow, or wide lines with a simple twist.

MPM School Supplies features many high quality glue brands including Elmer’s®, Crayola®, and UHU®. With such a large selection, you’re sure to find the school glue that fits your needs!