Bordette Corrugated Borders

Let Bordette® and MPM School Supplies Help You Create Dynamic Decorations

Planning classroom decorations and putting in the time to make everything look perfect can be a time-consuming task—especially in light of a teacher’s seemingly endless to-do list! Purchasing durable, easy to incorporate, and reusable bordettes and other bulletin board supplies can be a great way to conserve precious budget dollars and time!

At MPM School Supplies we offer a great selection of high quality bordettes. If you’re looking for more flexibility and versatility in your decorating supplies, select from our solid color trimmers as well as our new metallic colored bordettes. These accents look great by themselves or can be used together to create a dynamic layered effect. We also offer patterned and printed bordettes to correlate with different classroom events and themes including stars and stripes, safari animals, and more!

Most of our bordettes come with scalloped edges, but MPM School Supplies also carries borders that mimic the shape of icicles for festive winter decoration as well as a picket fence trimmer for fanciful spring and summer themes. With our affordable bulletin board accessories you’ll be sure to create a vibrant classroom environment and inspire your students to learn!