Kids Scissors

Safety With Kids Scissors

Over the years kids scissors have improved in both safety and functionality. Designed specifically for small hands, with blunt edges to ensure against accidents, using these tools exercises and develops important fine motor skills like coordination and accuracy. In fact, a child’s ability to competently use a pair of scissors is a great benchmark for evaluating their overall mastery of fine motor skill.

Let’s Talk Size

As you’ve probably guessed, scissors should fit comfortably in the hand. For children, bulky adult scissors do nothing to refine precision and accuracy. The appropriate choice for beginners is a pair of school safety scissors.

The Proper Grip

Once you’ve found a pair of scissors that is the appropriate size, demonstrate how to properly grip the tool. The thumb is placed in the smaller handle, the middle and ring fingers should be placed in the larger handle, and the index finger should rest lightly on the outside of the large handle to act as a stabilizer. Reassure the child that it may feel funny at first, but it will feel more natural as they practice.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Getting the child comfortable with the tool is the first goal. Begin by providing them with a sturdy piece of card stock to practice with. Once they’re comfortable with the feel and functionality, have them work with harder substances like straws or play dough. Finally, graduate to line and shape exercises. Provide the child with a piece of paper containing printed lines of various styles and lengths (i.e. straight, wavy, zig-zag, etc.) or shapes with which to practice precision and accuracy.

Safety First!

Remind the child of these guidelines:

  • Scissors should only be used under adult supervision.
  • Scissors should be carried with the blades pointed toward the floor. Running with scissors is exceptionally dangerous and could cause an accident.
  • When scissors are in use, the user should remain seated at all times.

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