Modeling Clay, Dough & More!

Modeling Clay & Dough

When you stock your art supply cabinet this year, don’t forget modeling clay and dough. Not only does it invite children to use their imagination to form an object from scratch, it provides a unique way of bringing dimension to their creations! Highly versatile and affordable, modeling clay and dough helps to bring a true hands-on art experience to the classroom.

While MPM School Supplies offers many unique modeling products and brands including Prang® and Sargent Art®, we proudly feature Crayola® Dough and Crayola® Model Magic Clay. Crayola® Dough, with its soft, malleable texture, is perfect for “little fingers”. It comes in an assortment of vibrant colors and makes cleanup a snap with its no-crumble consistency. Crayola® Model Magic Clay also boasts a pliable, easily manipulated consistency, but offers several other great features. Unlike other modeling products, Model Magic is lightweight, making shaping a snap! The product also air dries within 24 hours, won’t stick to or stain most clothing, provides a no-crumble consistency, and can be painted when fully dry.

The sensory and creative experience with modeling clay and dough wouldn’t be the same without accessories! For use with modeling dough we offer presses and extenders for manipulation, as well as cutters for creating shapes and detail. To accompany lessons on fossils or texture, we also carry patterned plates for printmaking. Our selection of tools for modeling clay fun includes rolling pins, wooden hammers, shape cutters, textured impression plates, and more!