Art Activity Books for Kids

Art Activity Books & Do-A-Dot Art™ Books for Valuable Encounters With Art in the Classroom

Setting aside time to develop your students’ creativity through arts and crafts is important. Whether teacher-directed or self-directed, engaging in creative processes can help children learn about their surroundings, about themselves, and about others. Additionally, many studies have shown that art helps children with awareness, creativity, the exploration of different forms of media, language development, relaxation, self-expression, sense of color and design, as well as fine motor control.

Art activity books and Do-A-Dot Art™ books provide a wonderful tool for fostering valuable art experiences in the classroom. To meet the age and skill level of your students, MPM School Supplies offers a variety of age-specific resource books tailored to students ranging from preschool age through junior high. Although it is important to note that with a little tweaking, most art projects can be simplified or made more difficult to meet individual interests and needs.

At MPM School Supplies you’ll find a great selection of themed art books. If you prefer to correlate your arts and crafts projects with monthly happenings and occasions, we carry art activity books specific to each month. Seasonal activity books are also available as a supplement to monthly books or for those who are partial to centering their art projects on the different seasons.

For teachers who use classroom art projects as extra exposure for important concepts like shapes, literacy, numeracy, math and more, our selection of art resource books provide the ideal compliment to classroom lessons and units. Be sure to browse our selection of inspirational, holiday, and self-directed books too!