Choosing The Right Crayola® Markers

Crayola® has been all about color since its modest beginnings in 1885. Over 120 years later, they have become a household name with Crayola® markers, crayons, and other art products becoming an essential home and school purchase. At MPM School Supplies, we proudly offer the best of Crayola®!

Crayola® provides a wide variety of marker styles, colors, and packaging options to suit the needs of every classroom, daycare, learning center, and school!

  • Tip Styles: Fine-Line, Broad-Line (Conical Tip), Wedge Tip
  • Color Options: Classic, Bold, Tropical, Multicultural
  • Special Varieties: Crayola® Gel FX Markers, Crayola® Fabric Markers, Crayola® Window Markers, Crayola® Watercolor Markers

Also choose from washable markers or non-washable varieties. For convenience, many styles of Crayola® markers can be ordered in "classpacks", featuring between eight and thirty-two individual sets, designed to make furnishing classroom art supplies easy and affordable.

Looking for other brands? MPM School Supplies also offers Prang® markers, varieties of Sargent Art® markers, and many more!