5th Grade, Earth & Environmental Science Science Fair Projects

Environmental Science and Geology Science Fair Project
How Clean is the Air You Breathe?
Recycled Water - Does It Effect Plant Growth?
Elementary Earth Science and Weather Science Fair Project
Tornado in a Box
Cool Elementary Earth Science and Botany Science Fair Project
Microwaves and Plants
Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade Science Fair Project
Egg in a Bottle
solar oven
Pizza Box Solar Oven
6th, 7th and 8th Grade Science Fair Project
Factors That Affect the Rate of Evaporation
Elementary Science Fair Project
The Sunscreen SPF Test
Elementary Environmental Science Fair Project
The Effect of Acid Rain on Aquatic Life
shoreline thunderstorm
Cloud Formation
clear light bulb yellow background
Connecting Solar Energy & Electronics
Measuring & Comparing Salinity in Different Aquatic Environments

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