Preschool, Problem Solving Lesson Plans

Science Guessing Game Preschool Lesson Plan
DIY - File Folder Guessing Game!
Nature and Bible Game Preschool Lesson Plan
Roll-the-Creation Game
preschool animal theme patterning exercise and lesson plan
Patterning + Caterpillars = Patternpillars!
Building and Following Directions Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Can You Build It? - Block Center Idea
Easter Problem Solving Preschool Lesson Plan
Easter Fun - Guess What's in the Egg!
Turn Your Classroom Into A Construction Zone!
passenger aircraft taking off
Careers: Pilots
Easter Critical Thinking and Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan
Easter Literacy & Critical Thinking - What's in the Egg?
Teamwork Preschool Lesson Plan
Choosing Teams Can Be 'Puzzling'

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