Preschool, President's Day Lesson Plans

2 Writing Activities & Crafts for Presidents' Day (with FREEBIES)!
President's Day and Money Preschool Lesson Plan
Show Me The Money!
President's Day Money and Science Preschool Lesson Plan
Polishing Pennies for President's Day
President's Day Music and Literature Preschool Lesson Plan
Songs & Literature for President's Day
Patriotic Math Preschool Lesson Plan
Memorial Day Flag Roll & Cover Game
Patriotic Craft for Kids
"You're Cent-sational!" Star Necklace Craft
President's Day Graphic Organizer and Preschool Lesson Plan
What President's Are Made Of!
"Sweet Land of Liberty" Patriotic Lesson with Freebies!
Presidents' Day Fun with George & Abe!
Money Printables for Presidents' Day
All About Coins - Presidents' Day Printables
George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
President's Day Fun with Washington & Lincoln!
Election Themed Children's Literature and Preschool Lesson Plan
Election Unit - Fun Books & Videos!
President's Day Social Studies Craft and Preschool Lesson Plan
Kid Coins - Designing New Coins for President's Day!
George Washington (Lansdowne portrait), First President (1789-1797)
President's Day Fun

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