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Oftentimes the first word your preschoolers will learn to write is their name. While group and one-on-one instruction are crucial to helping your child or students learn to properly form and order the letters, it's nice to provide learning tools for independent practice as well. A great way to do this is to create custom name tracer pages using this great printable generator from the creators of Kidzone.

Here's how it works:

Visit Kidzone's custom tracer worksheet page.
Choose from several prefabricated themes or select the "Blank (No Pictures)" option to allow students to create their own artwork.
Choose a font. For preschoolers just learning to write, Standard Block Print is the best option.
Type a student's name in the space provided. For varied printing practice, try different formats (e.g. all uppercase, proper name format, etc.).
Print onto card stock, place in a plastic document sleeve, and provide the student with a dry erase crayon or marker for infinite name tracing practice!

What's great about these customizable tracer pages is that you're not limited to name practice. Use them to focus on specific letters or student printing 'problem areas', create practice pages to enhance sight word review, or design tracer worksheets to learn vocabulary words - the possibilities are endless! Be sure to visit Kidzone for these and other awesome learning aids!

Happy printing!

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