Fall Advent/Surprise Calendar

Fall and Holiday Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: alphamom.com

Keep your kiddos interested and focused in the stretch leading up to the holidays with this fun advent/surprise calendar we found at Alpha Mom {via Ohdeedoh}. Instead of leftover Halloween candy, we thought it would be fun to fill the cups with fun activities, crafts, rewards, etc. for your students to look forward to discovering each day. For instance, you might include...

  • Play a favorite class game
  • No homework
  • Select a piece of candy from the jar
  • Extra 15 minutes of recess
  • 15 minutes of classroom free time
  • Et cetera

You might even add "Surprise Calendar" to your classroom jobs chart so that each student has a chance to tear through the tissue paper and discover the prize!

Find the full calendar tutorial at Alpha Mom! Who knows - it may just become a classroom tradition!

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