{Painting with Pasta!} Exploring Lasagna & Fusilli Noodles

There's loads of fun to be had painting with pasta! We gathered up some dry and cooked lasagna noodles as well as some fusilli {looks like curly spaghetti}, and here's what we learned...

Preschool Painting Kids Craft
  • Whether it's cooked or dry, it's a total blast!
  • Cooked lasagna noodles are a favorite! Roll them up and use the 'curled' edges to create rosettes around your paper or paint the noodle and use it as a stamp. We didn't try it, but we're almost certain that if you paint your name on them {backwards, of course}, you can create a name stamp! [NOTE: The bottom two pictures show a lasagna noodle being used as a stamp. Pretty cool, right?!]
  • When broken into small segments and twisted in a circle {'curled' edge to the paper}, dry lasagna noodles create a fun 'pinwheel' effect.
  • When cooked, the "curly spaghetti" wasn't as pliable as regular spaghetti noodles would be, but was still fun for twisting, twirling, dragging, dancing, and dropping onto the paper!

Inexpensive and simple, this painting exercise is a blast {even if it is a bit messy}!

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