Penguin Inkblot Painting

penguin inkblot painting

Winter reminds us us snowflakes, frosty windows, polar bears, and - of course - cute, cuddly penguins! If you're looking for adorable decorations for your classroom or just in the market for a fun afternoon craft, these penguin inkblot paintings are just the ticket!

Supplies You'll Need

Penguin Inkblot Paintings

Once you've gathered all the materials, cover your workspace with newspaper and get started! Here's how:

Provide your students with a piece of white construction paper. Invite them to fold it in half lengthwise (or "hot dog style").

piece of white construction paper creased in half

With the black and orange craft paint, create paint blots/lines on one side of the paper (don't cross the fold).

blots of paint on a piece of white construction paper

Have students refold the paper (flipping over the unpainted side for less mess!), then press the sides together. [NOTE: Be sure to have them spread the paint toward the folded center line to ensure a full shape.] Unfolded, the print should look something like this.

inkblot penguin

Add a layer of fine black glitter to the black paint before it dries. Then set aside the whole print to dry.

glittery inkblot penguin

Once dry, use a round foam paint brush to add white circle eyes, cut and attach a triangle from orange construction paper to create a beak, and use a black marker to finish the eyes when dry.

finished glittery inkblot penguin

Use craft scissors to cut out the entire penguin shape.

cutout glittery penguin inkblot

Optional: Attach the penguin craft to a piece of sky blue construction paper and glue cotton balls to the bottom to resemble snow.

penguin inkblot painting on cotton ball snowscape

These cute little crafts are sure to be a class favorite!

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