Improve Number Sense With This "Hide-A-Number" Math Game!

Want to improve your students' number sense? Chrissie, homeschooling mom and creator of the blog Flipflops and Applesauce, shares a great math game that will help students master their number recognition and counting skills!

Supplies You'll Need - Game board printable (can be downloaded at Chrissie's blog) - Sturdy card stock - Colorful math counters (Chrissie suggests small candy pieces!)

How To Play

This game requires a lot of one-on-one attention so consider asking two or three students to try it out during free play or, instead of planning large group activities for the day, set up several 'stations' for children to visit throughout the day for small group instruction.

  1. Invite the student to set up their game board and choose a cup of counters.
  2. Ask them to close their eyes and, as they do, take one of their counters and cover a number on their game board.
  3. Have the student try to guess which number is "hiding". Encourage them to try and figure out which number is missing without counting, but if they need to, remind them that it's certainly okay.
  4. If the student guesses correctly, allow them to eat their candy counter.
  5. Repeat the process. You may even consider challenging them by covering up several numbers in each turn.

Not only will students benefit from the one-on-one instruction and practice with numbers, they'll love the fact that they get a "treat"!

flipflops and applesauce: Hide a Number 1-20

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