Teacher, Teacher, Preschool Teacher! | Fall Bulletin Board Idea

Preschool, Kindergarten, and Elementary Fall Bulletin Board Idea
Photo Source: tippytoecrafts.blogspot.com

This autumn pumpkin/Halloween classroom display from Betsy over at Tippytoe Crafts is stinkin' adorable! The poem is super fun, the photos of the kiddos are hilarious, and the overall effect is perfect for the fall season! Not to mention, the photo shoot will probably be the most time consuming part of it!

Teacher, Teacher, Preschool Teacher...

  • Background: Cover the entire board with royal blue background paper. Add a strip of natural butcher paper to the bottom, using scissors to shape the edge to look like a garden, or cover the bottom and sides of the bulletin board with dried cornstalks for a three-dimensional effect.
  • Title: Use Betsy's fun poem - painted onto the bulletin board with craft paint, printed using word processing software, or posted with sticker letters!
  • Border: Complimentary solid or patterned trimmer.
  • Decoration: Draw and cut out a large jack-o-lantern from orange bulletin board paper - complete with 'carved' face and brown stem. Attach a large piece of yellow {or lighter orange} poster board/background paper to the back of the cutout to mimic the candle glow inside the jack-o-lantern. With the pumpkin completed, invite your kiddos to pose for photos. Betsy had her preschoolers do various poses; some were photographed jumping, others draped themselves over chairs and took upside down photos, and still others were captured peeking around book cases and other large furniture. Once developed, Betsy cut the students from the background and arranged them inside the jack-o-lantern cutout. As additions to the board, you might consider adding a pale yellow moon cutout to the night sky, low gray clouds/fog, or even some fall leaves as accents!
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