iPhone Themed Classroom Display

iPhone Technology High School Bulletin Board IdeaLooking for colorful, relevant decorations for your middle or high school classroom? It's the era of iPods, smart phones, and social media, so why not bring a bit of technology and pop culture into your decor. Here's an example of an iPhone themed classroom display. Use this display to assign classroom jobs throughout the year. Create a review board by adding icons that display important facts throughout each learning unit. Design an interactive board by scripting questions on each icon, inviting students to answer the question in a journal or notebook for credit. Provide motivation throughout the year by scripting inspirational quotes on each icon.

iPhone Themed Classroom Display

  • Background: Create a rounded rectangle with gray bulletin board paper. Overlay with a second, slightly smaller rounded rectangle made of black bulletin board paper. The goal is to leave a border of gray around the black rectangle.
  • Title: Varies depending on how you plan to use the board. Since it is designed to recreate the home screen on an iPhone, you might consider adding an "i" in front of the title (e.g. "iHelp" for a classroom helpers board, etc.).
  • Border: None needed.
  • Decoration: Create colorful rounded square icons from construction paper. Script classroom positions/student names, unit facts, or questions on each icon depending upon how you plan to use the board.

Thanks so much for stopping by! We'd love to hear how you decorate your middle or high school classroom, so be sure to leave us a comment below!

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